Yes, “Turn of the Century” from Going For the One (1977): YESterdays

I’m not sure if any album from Yes was easy from conception to release, but Going For the One had a positive momentum even after its seemingly troubled start. 

Patrick Moraz’s transition out of Yes and the reintegration of Rick Wakeman seemed to flow, at least for Yes, and Wakeman and his bandmates were able to weave a tight modern and cohesive sound. A good example can be found in “Turn of the Century,” a model for collaboration. 

Jon Anderson, Alan White and Steve Howe built a song which incorporates Anderson’s imagery; the musical acumen provided by drummer Alan White and Steve Howe then perfectly complements Anderson’s vision. “Turn of the Century,” the second longest song on the album, doesn’t deviate from its main themes, but does restate them in an innovative, progressive way. 

Jon Anderson, vocally, delivers the thematic concept first, which is promptly reinforced by Steve Howe’s acoustic guitar playing, then Rick Wakeman’s piano and finally once more by Steve Howe’s electric guitar. Howe and Wakeman’s solos are intertwined and complimentary in the best Yes tradition. The song benefits from Alan White’s melodic feel, which the drummer developed from years of piano playing and study. 

“Turn of the Century” finds the world’s greatest progressive rock band focused, inspired and acting as one cohesive unit which can seemingly do no wrong.