Projekt Gemineye – A Brand New Day (2017)

Prolific Canadian artist Mark Anthony K follows up his early-2017 release An Ordinary Day with an even more intense album, A Brand New Day. Operating under the Projekt Gemineye moniker, Mark Anthony K hasn’t changed his modus operandi much – but that’s a good thing: Crunchy guitars, pulsating bass and dynamic double bass drums all reappear. Mark Anthony K’s production remains stellar. 

“A New Day” kicks things off, opening A Brand New Day almost as a Part 2 to Projekt Gemineye’s Ordinary Day. The song is more on the metal side of things, with a Judas Priest power chord opening and hyperactive double bass drum attack. K’s Epiphone custom 12/6 double neck makes itself known here. Are there touches of the Tony Iommi Signature SG too? Whatever is employed, Mark Anthony K builds off the musical foundation, laying an effective introspective lyric over top. His vocals don’t attempt to match the intensity of the music, and the contrast works well.

“Clear Your Mind” starts with a deceptively tender finger-picked intro that quickly gives way to a chunky rhythm part. K’s vocals speaks of change, challenge and moving forward. The music certainly reinforces the premise and the Projekt Gemineye theme of a brand new day. The solo on this song is one of my favorites by Mark Anthony K.

“The Long Ride” is initially confounding, with a Paul McCartney and Wings-inspired piano opening quickly followed by tasty Jimmy McCullough Gibson SG lead work. The song builds and builds on and instrumental foundation, which doesn’t require words. This is good since it doesn’t have any. It’s even more intriguing since the song is transformed into latter-day Pink Floyd instrumental, thanks to the fine lead guitar playing and Hammond Organ textures.

[SOMETHING ELSE! INTERVIEW: Mark Anthony K joins Preston Frazier to discuss Projekt Gemineye’s ‘A Brand New Day,’ the second installment of a song cycle that began with 2017’s ‘An Ordinary Day.’

“Space & Time” is an epic in scope and timbre. At more than eight minutes, the three-part track moves with an urgency and force belying its length. Despite the song’s epic scale, “Space & Time” seems personal and focused. Projekt Gemineye takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of moods and emotions, as the track races along with its combination of electric guitars and vintage-sounding keyboard textures. “Space & Time” never touches the ground, begging for repeated listening.

“The Incident” keeps the energy up, with dueling lead guitars over the foundation of Mark Anthony K’s Fender Stratocaster. Musically, the song is in solid hard rock territory but lyrically, it’s cryptic, leaving the listener to wonder exactly what was the day not forgotten. As the chorus repeats, I realize I don’t really need to know.

The opening guitar and bass on “Sell Your Soul,” this album’s final song, immediately draws you in. The chorus guitar effect recalls Jay Graydon’s solo work, but the intensity of the message is all Projekt Gemineye’s in terms of the requirements of success. The song is a feisty end to a powerhouse album.

Is Projekt Gemineye’s A Brand New Day better than An Ordinary Day? No, but it’s a great continuation, with a more guitar-centered progressive hard rock core. This in itself makes it a great listen.